Area High Schools

BP8 2512Athletic trainers at the Marshall Sports Medicine Institute.

When a high school athlete goes down with an injury, time stands still as players, coaches, parents and fans wait anxiously for a report. Now, thanks to a partnership between area high schools and the certified athletic trainers of the Marshall Sports Medicine Institute, everyone involved in high school sports can breathe a little easier when injuries occur.

MSMI athletic trainers go into the schools with the responsibility to prevent, recognize, treat and rehabilitate all sorts of athletic injuries. The goal is for every high school athlete to have access to a professional who is certified and trained to handle sports-related injuries.

The athletic trainers often serve as a resource for the school’s existing athletic training staff and help educate coaches, parents and administrators about treating common injuries. Following the highest return-to-play standards, they are dedicated to helping athletes get back on the court, field or track as quickly and safely as possible.

Sport-specific injury prevention programs are offered for athletes in secondary schools, educating them on the types of injuries commonly seen in their sport, identifying which injuries require a doctor’s attention and which do not and guiding them through exercises and stretches that can help prevent certain injuries from occurring.

Certified athletic trainers from the Marshall Sports Medicine Institute currently provide coverage at a number of local high schools and middle schools. Their experience and expertise keep schools ahead of state regulations, which only require a trainer to be on the sidelines at football practices and games.

Cabell Midland High School (WV)

Andrew DeMoss, MS, ATC, LAT 
Erin Wingate, MS, ATC, LAT

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School (WV)

Zach Johnson, ATC, LAT

Chesapeake High School (OH)

Sarah Webb, MS, ATC, CES, LAT

Spring Valley High School (WV)

Robert Chafin, ATC, LAT

Huntington High School (WV)

Kevin Burton, MA, ATC, LAT

Tolsia High School (WV)

Provided by Marshall University Athletic Training Program

Lincoln County High School (WV)

Stephen Welch, ATC, LAT

Wayne High School (WV)

Provided by Marshall University Athletic Training Program