Sports Performance Training

You don't have to be an elite athlete to train like one. Using the most advanced techniques in the industry, the sports performance training program at the Marshall Sports Medicine Institute helps athletes of all ages improve their speed, strength, agility and flexibility.

Sports performance training programs are offered for recreational and competitive athletes of all ages and abilities, from age 12 through seniors, and serve a continuum of client needs:

  • Those who wish to optimize their athletic performance
  • Those who wish to improve their overall fitness
  • Those who wish to elevate their physical activity levels to prevent or manage chronic disease

"We may implement different styles of training with different groups, but in the end we want the same things. We want them to become more powerful. We want them to run faster and jump higher. We want them to build strength and gain flexibility and increase their agility. Athletes in every sport, at every age and at every skill level have the opportunity to improve their performance here," trainer Tom Belmaggio said.

From plyometrics to Olympic-style lifting, from agility and speed exercises to NFL Combine training, the sports performance specialists provide a wide range of programs tailored to suit every type of athlete. Led by highly trained strength and conditioning specialists, the program offers advanced training, elite curriculum and pro-level equipment to help athletes reach their goals.

Ages 12-14 (Competitive Performance)

In this second stage, athletes have discovered the importance of developing neuromuscular patterns. Athletic fundamentals begin to be developed and directed towards athletic skill application in our Developmental I program. This program focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic movement while refining and ingraining fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. This repeated rehearsal leads to permanent and positive athletic change.

Ages 15+ (Accelerated Performance)

Most athletes in this age group have developed neuromuscular patterns and the fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. For Developmental II athletes, technique is fine-tuned, and the final pieces to build the total athlete are provided. In essence, each athlete is optimized according to their biggest areas of improvement.

Adult Program

Stack 2Our Adult Program sessions are designed for active adults looking for a challenging training program. The Adult program is designed to actively challenge effort and coordination with 60 minute movement-based sessions. No two sessions are alike, and all are fun, fast-paced, and educational, which is unique compared to a traditional gym- based workout. The result is an increase in fitness as well as improved metabolism, body composition, and exercise technique.

Professional Athletes

Our programs for professional and elite athletes are designed to provide peak physical stimulus that pushes the absolute limitations of elite athletic performance. Due to the customized and maximal intensity nature, recovery and regeneration methods are implemented. Our programs place the highest emphasis on applied and measurable performance, secondarily fine-tuning movement. Timelines to reach goals and exceed expectations are accelerated for this athletic population due to the elite competitive schedules and real-time demands.

Team Training (Championship Performance)

stack 3Our Team Training programs are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive, and customized for entire sport teams. Training sessions are typically conducted at the team's training facility and focus primarily on linear speed and multi-directional skill development. Team Training programs are built to be sport relevant with medicine ball strengthening, bodyweight resisted power development, energy system development, and speed ratios that apply directly to specific sports demands.

SPORTS performance TRAINING DURING recovery

Traditionally, when clients are injured, they are sent from surgery to rehabilitation and then back to their sport or activity. In most cases, rehab alone doesn't get them back to their pre-injury level of performance. However, the MSMI Sports Performance Training Program is integrated into the institute's other services, including orthopedic surgery and physical therapy. The staff is able to make sports performance training a part of the recovery process for injured clients. The program helps them transition back to their sport or activity at a high performance level, and our specialists work closely together to make that transition as seamless as possible.