Kevin Yingling, R.Ph., M.D., FACP

CEO of Mountain Health Network and President of Cabell Huntington Hospital and St. Mary's Medical Center

Paul English Smith, J.D.

Chief Administrative Officer of Mountain Health Network

Melissa Eakle Leasure, J.D.

Vice President and General Counsel of Mountain Health Network

Angie Swearingen

Chief Operating Officer of St. Mary's Medical Center

Tim Martin

Chief Operating Officer of Cabell Huntington Hospital

Larry Dial, MD

Chief Clinical Officer

Hoyt Burdick, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Mark Morgan

Vice President of Physician Services

Regina Campbell, RN, MSN

Chief Nursing Officer

Lisa Chamberlin Stump

Chief Strategy Officer

Monte Ward

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Beth Robinson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dennis Lee

Chief Information Officer

Eduardo Pino, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer